With the main line of business is investment and business in infrastructure of industrial parks; Ho Nai Industrial Park Joint Stock Company also provides consulting services, construction of industrial and civil works, supply of trees...

Investment and business in infrastructure of industrial parks and housing areas.

Construction of DD&CN works, traffic, technical infrastructure.

Supply, plant and care for trees and ornamental flowers of all kinds.

Construction consulting

With many years in the field of infrastructure construction and large-scale industrial works, our company confidently advises, deploys, and provides legal advice to investors in Ho Nai Industrial Park.


Establish investment projects

Making investment projects to build civil and industrial works


Rubber development

Setting up a rubber development investment project



Topographical survey, geological survey of construction works



To elaborate and design detailed planning of residential areas, industrial parks and urban areas.


Survey and design

Survey, design and make total cost estimates for civil, industrial, traffic and technical infrastructure construction.


Coming to Ho Nai Industrial Park, investors will benefit from the services provided by our company.

With many years of experience, the team of Ho Nai Industrial Park is ready to accompany and assist investors in applying for an Investment Certificate through legal procedures.

Maximum capacity of 13,000 m3/day from Long Binh water plant (Bien Hoa city).

The centralized wastewater treatment plant, phase II, has a capacity of 7000 m3/day and reaches the limit value in column A of the QCVN 40: 2011/BTNMT regulation to ensure the output quality of the wastewater system from the wastewater treatment plants. manufacturing enterprises.

Service works
& investment plans

Sports Service Area

Currently, Ho Nai Industrial Park has many tennis courts and football fields that have been put into operation.

Golf Course Service Area

With entertainment demand from neighboring areas, Ho Nai Industrial Park is planning to deploy a golf course service area to serve the needs.

Warehouse for rent

With demand from domestic and foreign enterprises, Ho Nai Industrial Park is currently considering options and solutions to put the warehousing system into operation.

Housing service for workers

In order to meet the housing needs for workers from enterprises in the Industrial Park; Our company is researching and considering construction projects for workers' housing.

Accommodation services for professionals

With the presence of many foreign enterprises, Ho Nai Industrial Park is considering options to build a specialist housing system to serve the accommodation needs of experts from businesses.

Recreational fishing lake

The recreational fishing lake of Ho Nai Industrial Park has been built and is in the process of being put into operation to serve the recreational needs of the employees of the work zone and the neighboring people.